About Us

The Santiuorio company is a small agricultural farm, based on a artisanal workflow, engaged in efforts to preserve native agronomic varieties, and in processing products with cutting-edge technologies, present in a new constructed cellar, designed with the aim of exploiting the renewable energies. The company, currently managed by Erminio Covino, is the continuation of the centurial experiences of grandfather Eminio and uncle Pietro, of which keeps even the old customs of hospitality.


The Cantina Santiuorio, is located in the municipality of San Martino Valla Caudina at the foot of the mountains of Partenio, well integrated in the Caudina Valley, one of the most fertile plains of Campania, known for Annurca apples, cherries and for a variety of vegetables. Not less important is the hilly area for its morphology and structure of the soil that allows the development of a rich and varied vegetation: not only chestnut and oak but also olives, vines and other fruit trees. The whole area has a long history, as evidenced by the Caudine Forks, scene of military clashes between Samnites and Romans and the National Archaeological Museum of Montesarchio, which houses priceless artefacts.


The core of the company is made ​​up of the old farm of Antonio Franco, taken up by the Covino family in the early 30’s of last century. Of the old production unit, thanks to the assiduous efforts of grandfather Erminio, were preserved the most important agronomic crops. Finally, uncle Pietro has been able to integrate the consolidated and valid traditions with modern winemaking techniques. Today, the company has already started the replanting of the vineyards with grafts obtained from their slips of Mangiaguerra, at the Vivai Coperativi Rauscedo.


The winery Santiuorio is the most important part of the company Erminio Covino. It transforms the grapes of their vineyards occupying part of the hilly terrain of Tingi, Zì Iannaro, Paramenti and Santiuorio.

On the flat lands, the company produces different qualities of native apples (the zi' nicola , the musso e'ciuccio , the chianella, the renetta, the lemoncella, the martina addition to annurca and a number of interactional varieties ).

In addition to apple orchards, the company produces various qualities of cherries, hazelnuts, walnuts, peaches, pears, olives and vegetables.

Tradition and Innovation

It persisted over time the company's commitment in the preservation of traditional agricultural practices , without sacrificing the innovations necessary to improve the quality of production , in the belief that the environment can be obtained only by recourse to the present day techniques and tools of ecological science . Land conservation and product quality has been the central concern and constant company : for years practiced integrated pest management to get production not affected by the massive use of pesticides , exploiting the biotic and abiotic factors of internal adjustment ecosystems . Only because of the fragmentation of the land and the distances from the neighboring company can not comply with the disciplinary biological.